- About OUr Laboratory -

SRT is India’s 1st Nano material company, producing Nano metals like Silver, Zinc, Graphene, Copper and Gold Nanoparticles. We manufacture these nanoparticles and envision to be India’s largest Nanotechnology manufacturers in coming years. SRT is DIPP recognised with Start in UP recognised MSME company, which was incubated in Bionest at BHU, with early support from Startup India and BIA through its seed funding. The journey of discovery continued with another recognition and grant from BIRAC under its BIG Grant scheme mentored by C-CAMP. This was a great milestone for us in the year 2023, followed by another recognition from ICICI Foundation as India’s top 10 startups selected from a total of 1300 startups under its IMPACT Startup grant. Year 2024 has started on the most exciting note as SRT established its Manufacturing unit at Ecotech II, Greater Noida, where we have set up the manufacturing plant to produce our major 3 products, Silver Nanopowder, Silver Nano Paste and Colloidal silver Nanoparticles. We envision to cater India’s growing market like Solar, Cosmetics, Electronics and Sanitisation along with Healthcare. These areas collectively hold a market size of 16 Billion USD.